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Frequently asked questions

What's the process of starting a new club this year?

We are working on registering pre-existing clubs first because we want to prioritize getting advisors for established clubs. Some clubs are losing their advisors because they are now teaching at IVA or because the stress of online has forced them to drop the club. Due to this, we may not be registering new clubs in the first semester if many pre-existing clubs are unable to find advisors. If our pre-existing clubs are mostly able to re-register at the September 4th deadline, however, we may have an opportunity to register new clubs! To keep informed, keep checking this website, as information and updates will be posted here regarding new clubs after this Friday, September 4th.

How do I join a club?

Go to the 2019-2020 approved clubs list and contact the president’s email listed on the spreadsheet. They will link you with the necessary info to join the club. If you don’t know what club to join, you can search the spreadsheet by tags, or by the club’s description.


Can I join clubs at any time during the year?

Yes! You can email any of the clubs at any time to be added to their email list. You can also attend any club interest meetings advertised on campus, and explore clubs first hand at the freshmen club showcase, which is a dedicated homeroom time for freshmen to explore clubs in the first month of school. 


How is club registration working this year with everything being online?

Every registration form has been digitized and is posted, with their due dates on the front page of this website. Make sure to have them in by their due dates, and that your club advisor turns in their form by the due date.


Are clubs still a thing this year?

Despite all of the craziness of online, clubs are still allowed to meet this year (once they are approved), but they will have to meet online, with their club advisor present in the online meeting. 


Do you have tips for freshmen?

Yes! Explore as much as you can about clubs through family night and the full list of clubs. Put your name down in all the clubs you are even slightly interested in. We encourage you to try out many clubs at first, so you can choose which ones you want to stick with.


What is an "interest meeting?"

It is what it sounds like. It's every club's first meeting of the year where everyone is invited to learn and hear about the club. This is also a time where the club collects email addresses from prospective students.


Full 2020-2021 Clubs List


The use of detailed minutes - noting the goings-on of a club meeting - is an important part of club procedure, increasing accountability, and highlighting needed changes. Turning in these minutes in a timely fashion is very important for the continued success of UHS clubs. 


Sample Meeting Minutes:
Must have the signatures of: Secretary, Presiding Officer, Club Advisor.


Form to Turn-In Minutes:
Every month, clubs are required to turn-in their meeting minutes on the second Tuesday of the month following their completion. 


Club finances