Orchestra Student Organization


     OSO (Orchestra Student Organization) is an on-campus club which seeks to promote unity within the orchestra program through various social activities, bonding events, fundraisers, community outreach events, and more.  Over the years the UHS Orchestra Program has developed a culture of acceptance,  a sense of belonging, compassion and friendship.  OSO has done a wonderful job fostering this type of environment where all students enrolled in the orchestra program can come together and make fun memories and lasting friendships.  All orchestra members are automatically members of club OSO.


OSO Board 2019-2020

President- Allison Kim

Vice President- Scarlett Huang

Treasurer- Sedong Hwang

Secretary- Tara Nguyen

Events Coordinators- Chris Chae, Ethan Wang, Sol Choi

Publicists- Anna Fruman, Rachel Kim

Technology/Audio Officer - Hikari Harrison

Historians- Ethan Jenkins, Spiro Sun

Video Producer- Allison Peng, Neel Choudhary