Academic Counseling

Counseling program by grade level

The UHS Counseling Team provides a comprehensive, developmental program to all students. The Counseling Program by Grade Level Chart will break down this program by month and grade level. 

Graduation Requirements

Credit Requirement: 215

A semester course = 5 credits

Typically a student earns 30 credits each semester; 60 credits each year

All students shall be required to complete the following with a grade of "D" or higher: 

a. English: 40 credits in approved English courses

b. Social Science: 30 credits including Global Perspectives or World History (10), US History (10), Political Science (5), and Economics (5). 

c. Health: 5 credits

d. Science: 20 credits including 10 earth or physical science and 10 life science

e. Mathematics: 20 credits including Algebra 1 or Math 1

f. Physical Education: 20 credits. In addition, each student must pass a physical fitness test. 

g. World Language, Visual Performing Art, OR CTE: 10 credits

h. General Electives: 70 credits

Graduation Requirements for ELD Students:

English: 40 credits of English are required

    10 credits of ELA/ELD 1 will count for English credit for graduation. 

    10 credits of ELA/ELD 2 will count for English credit for graduation. 

All other graduation requirements are the same as above. 

Academic Support

What if my student is struggling in a class?

Communicate with your student to discover the root of the problem (e.g. study habits, motivation, deficits). Next, encourage your student to utilize the supports on this page. If your student continues to struggle in a class, contact the teacher via email for additional support. 

Homework Log:

Keep your daily planner up to date (assignments & due dates, test dates, etc.). Make sure all work is Done Done! Not just done, but it is complete, with name and date, in your backpack or notebook, and ready to turn in.

Office Hours/Targeted Support: 

Monday's are dedicated to targeted support for students and office hours are Tuesday-Friday from 7:55-8:25. Students should spend time in the classes they need additional help or clarification. Don't wait until the week of a big test or project. Seek help early when you need it!  

After School Peer Tutoring:

Information coming soon for the 2020-2021 Peer Tutoring Program.

Free Online Tutoring: is a free tutoring service for all students to use in IUSD. They log in using their school username and password. This service is with a live credentialed teacher and for any, and all, subjects, including essay/writing review.


This after-school program is offered for students in need of additional support with organizing, tracking and completing their school work. Although this program is optional, once signed-up students are expected to attend regularly or they will be dropped to accommodate other students interested in the program. Speak to your Counselor to sign up.

Add/Drop Dates

The following timeline indicates calendar dates for adding and dropping a course. A student may enter a course for credit no later than the last day of the second week of the semester. The University High School philosophy of working with students includes encouraging students to remain in the class throughout the semester. If the student is appropriately placed in the class, every effort should be made to encourage students to remain until the 7th week to help students achieve and strive for success. Withdrawal after the 7th week will result in an F grade. 


Schedule Change Dates

Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Last day to ADD a course

September 4, 2020


Last day to DROP without penalty

September 18, 2020


Last day to LEVEL CHANGE

September 18, 2020